Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Working on new project

Well, sort of. I have started coding a prototype, but this time I focusing on laying some solid foundations before I got into other things like gameplay. For example, I took some time to study the correct structure of a project. Still I dont have idea about whats the optimal setup, but at least now the game instance class is a singleton. That allows to test each scene independently; in the previous project I had to start from the main menu to have access to all features. Using this singleton I always have at least some basic systems working.

The second feature I started to develop from the beginning is the save/load system. Not very advanced, but I havent worked too much on this besides some limited position/rotation serialization. But the idea is that it evolves together with the project progression. I have been looking for directions to achieve optimal save and load speed/size, yet that info seems to be scarce.

And third, but quite important: internationalization! For a reason I wont mention yet, we plan to include only one language, but texts should be available at least in spanish and english. Before things get messy, internationalization support should be implemented.

There are a few other details like carefully designing the scene layout before actually building it, or more exactly, designing everything on paper before going into Unity3d... Enough work to justify at least 2 prototypes before starting the demo, all that with a minimal crew. Lets see how it goes.

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