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Tweaking the random generator

Found an annoying problem in my game yesterday. Even when I provide new random seeds on every level, anyway there is still some chance of the same number being generated twice in a row, or two of every three times. First i thought I could solve it with more questions, maybe 40 were too few. But hey, it is random, it is perfectly valid to have the same value twice  in a row with 40, 60 or 100 questions (just less probable the large the range is).

So I need certain rules, to prevent the same question being asked several times in short period of time. So, I guess I will have to tweak the result of the random generator, checking if it is a repeated value. Not complicated to implement.

So, the demo is almost here. The most heavy task is creating the questions, properly translating them and double checking that the right answer is, actually, the right answer. At least, according to the Wikipedia.

Good and not so good news

First, I finished the draft of the novel. It is now on the hands (PCs, actually) of the zero readers. Then comes a process of polishing, leave to rest, and then polish again, which will produce the final version, which, in turn, will be handed to a second pair of eyes to hunt typing/grammatical errors. Violating this rule I imposed myself led to a book that was not as good as I expected in the previous novel.This means that I have some free time now to work on the next book.

The not so good news is that the editor is not so interested in publishing it. They had a goal, and it was not exactly to make a success of every title in the catalog. As I'm not one of the most widely known authors, I haven't received any promotion, and neither has some good titles of the catalog, written by promissing cuban young authors.

Back to semi-good news: the game demo is almost ready. I'm just trying to explore all the possibilities to host it in Google Play instead of somewhere else. I thi…

glTF 2 in Godot

The Godot engine guys have announced that they have implemented support for glTF 2.0, the new asset exchange format developed by Khronos Group. But they also take some time to give us a nice review of all options and previous attempts to provide a common exchange format in this article.

An interesting post that every game developer should read.