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More problems with unity 5.4

Ok, maybe I rushed a bit to consider that Unity 5.4 was error free. Monodevelop  keeps the same code autocompletion problem: this time it works for my project classes, but it doesn't for Unity API.

So, guess what, I have almost zero desire to program. Instead, I have spent some time working on the game plot and quests. Not the same, but anyway, it is something.

Vacations==more work

Last week we had carnivals, with three free days! And next week I have to take my vacations, as I work under school calendar. No work until september. Which means, more work at home! And long boring periods too, because during summer my room is too hot to be there. But at least I will have a couple of hours in the early morning, and the nights.

Last week I finished the novel (a few holes are left), and decided to spend some time again with the project. It is hard to go back to programming, specially when Monodevelop has a lot of annoying bugs in my PC, related to autocompletion and indenting. I hope they are fixed for 5.4. Anyway, I managed to fix some little details and also wrote a few more lines in the plot, which is asking for a big replanning and refactoring.

As usual, lack of proper planning is the source of problems. I had a good idea for the plot and a good starting location, but I had not connected the story with the actual location. Now I have an initial scene without quest…