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Project updated

A brief post to let you know that I have updated my old project: The Key of the World, an open source isometric 3D RPG. Depending on how busy (or not) are the next days/months, I will fix some big mistakes I made during development.

The source code can be found in Github, and can be used for learning purposes, forked, or whatever the license permits. Here is a short video of the game in action:

Recent posts

Dealing with controller support

I have been working lately to add controller support to my both projects. I made some basic tests long time ago, using my joystick, but a week ago a friend kindly provided me an Xbox 360 controller. Then, the true work started.

After a brief phase of "I have no idea about how to do it", and after that "probably there is something in youtube" (there was), I managed to put some basic support, first on character movement, you can see it in the Labyrinth gameplay video, which was recording while I played using the controller. As a side effect, Im thinking to change the gameplay mechanics of my 3rd person prototype to camera freelook, like Mass Effect/Witcher.

Then, I began to extend controller support to the UI. Things are not so easy here, because I had to rethink the design of many interface elements. Also, moving through buttons requires to reinterpret  axis events as button events.

I plan to finish all the tests this week, return the controller to its owner, and r…

And now, a video

Some screenshots

This is my little 2D project:

Even when the texts in the screenshots are in spanish, the project supports english too. This is the PC build running, but the main platform is Android. The engine, of course, is Unity.

I think I found a horseshoe or something

A week of good luck! Thats weird.

A couple of days ago I met a guy who knows other guys who want to make videogames. Yes, here, in a city where most people are consumers, not producers. This guy, an almost graduated architect, has some nice skills: modeller and illustrator (and makes some damn good drawings!). Definitely, we will have some meeting next week, after his graduation, to discuss how can they work in my project.

But there are more good news: met another guy who kindly offered to lend me an Xbox controller. I will use it to learn how to adapt my gameplay mechanics and UI to controllers. So, I will spend the weekend playing Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Inquisition. It will be the first time that I use a controller for more than half an hour, I always have been a keyboard/mouse player. Or keyboard/joystick.

Seems that I will have a busy weekend. And surely I'll have to discard all the current UI and remake it from scratch.

My next phone is going to be... a Fuchsia?

My current phone is crap. I lost my half decent Galaxy Ace a year ago, in the middle of a long line of unfortunate events. Was a bad year, and I lost many things. I had to buy a DDC E4s, a friend brought it from USA and I paid like $70 USD for it. I liked the design, and the terminal has proven to be solid, with a few quirks. The accessories are total crap,  the earbuds stopped working after using them twice, and the USB cable also stopped chargin after some months. Have you ever seen that? It is a fucking USB cable, they last forever, what can go wrong? And the camera... better not to talk about the image quality.

So, I guess that at some point, I'll have to upgrade to a better phone, when I find the cash. And considering that getting the funds will take some time, and  Google is already working in its next generation mobile OS, maybe my next device won't be Android, but Fuchsia?

The new Google Fuchsia does not uses Linux as kernel, but a new one based on Little Kernel (LK) …

Back to work

I have been away from the blog for a while, because of a condition on my right hand. Had to take a long vacations: no typing, no mouse, no gym. So, my work was seriously delayed, both my personal projects and office tasks. I'm just going back to normal, even when Im not 100% healthy, mostly because the required meds are not available and rest by itself is not enough.

So, I'm slowly putting the writing tasks back on track (and I remind you, buy my novel!), but programming will take a while. Of course, I'm still avoiding games, except for Freeciv, which I can play with my left hand. Actually, I'm still using the mouse with my left hand, it works, but can't do any precision task.

HEaled or not, I will be full operational in a couple of days. Excepting for games, which I will not touch for a while. Anyway, Mass Effect wasn't that good and I haven't missed it, not at all.