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Godot, after a couple of months

Expect an isometric like camera tutorial soon! Or something like that, Im too newbie yet to make tutorials.
Yes, Godot is rather limited in 3D, but I can restart my RPG project and learn all the stuff I need while the engine improves. The good news is that now, with the Epic Mega Grant, it will improve faster. I hope I can be using the Vulkan branch in april or may, even before first betas (much before).
I have solved a couple of problems in the last week. First of all, I managed to use the terrain plugin with Navigation meshes. It takes a weird approach involving generating a mesh from the terrrain that can be quite complex and heavy, and then using it to generate the navigation mesh. So far, the perfomance in simple scenes sees to be normal, 60 FPS at 1080p, but I would be surprised if it werent so. I just confirmed that even when the perfomance is poor for modern standards, it is not plain terrible. Again, we should expect improvements in 4.0.
Next week I will be posting some imag…
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I cant do retargeting with Godot, but can do other things

Yesterday I spent part of the night trying to confirm that I cant reuse a Mixamo animation in Godot in some simple way. In Unity the process, though not trivial, was quite easy. I simply could not accept that Godot, after so many years in development, would not let me use an animation external to the model.
After looking at the editor, I tried the most obvious way: exported a model without animations and took my Mixamo generated FBXs containing the animations. To my surprise, if you export to FBX a model without animations, Godot doesnt imports it with a corresponding AnimationPlayer node, even if it has an armature. But if you export with the BetterCollada exporter it does include the AnimationPlayer, without animations, of course. With the model imported, there was no way to force it to use the Mixamo animations. But if you open the animations, you can use the Animation tool to save the animation data, and load it in your model. I did it! I thought.
Well, I didnt. Ye…

I had to change

According to Unity, due to embargo laws I can't use Unity, not even the personal edition. So, the last four years spent studying the engine are lost, for now, until the american embargo is over (not too soon, considering that Trump is going to be reelected and our government... is going to be reelected too). Yes, I could use it for some project inside my country, and maybe use some proxy company outside to distribute or sell games. Or even simply try and see what happens.
What else is left? Well, a friend of mine kind of forced me to switch to Godot for a small 2D project. By the way, when I posted my previous post, I was still testing the engine. Now I can almost properly talk about it. This isn't the first time I play with Godot, in 2015 I checked it when I was testing several open source options to develop a little RPG we were working on. I liked that it was aimed in the right direction: a full featured engine oriented to productivity, with editor, one click deploy and fea…

Why to choose Godot

No, this is not a video saying how good is godot. It describes its advantages (from the author's point of view, of course) and disadvantages. Check it out.

New UI for Unity

I have been quite busy lately and most of my work has involved fixing the UI for a little project I started a couple of years ago. I havent noticed that the UI was a mess, it worked for a resolution, but not for others. Took me some research and testing to make a bit (just a bit) less messy.
The new UI, not so new now, was introduced in Unity 4.6. It was an attempt to replace IMGUI with a decent system, but the result was something counter-intuitive and not so good in perfomance terms. Yes, was better, but if you go from scratching you back with a cactus to scratch it with rough sandpaper, that can be considered good too.
Lucky us, there will be a new solution, coming with Unity 2919.3, though it wont be official until 2020.1. Check this nice video and you will see all the great features it offers.

Reading myself, in english

It is curious. I feel like reading somebody else, a familiar author I cant remember.
Im quite happy with the result achieved by my translator and friend, Daisy, who also created, many years ago, the Elymuria name. I have completed the review of the first chapter, and expecting to have the whole process finished for Christmas, as a present to some special friends that are waiting for the book. So, stay tuned!

Playing with a multiplayer project

Got news from my friend working on the translation of my first novel: the heavy work is complete and we are now in the review stage. After that, I will make my own review, and then a second one, by an english speaker. Expect the book before Christmas! The profit will help to solve a few problems, including a weird health condition I suffer that forces me to eat three times every day. Also will fund my game project, based on the Elymuria universe, a nice and fun isometric RPG. By the way, if you can read spanish, there is no need to wait for translations, get the novel on Amazon.
But lately I have abandoned a bit my writing tasks, in favour of programming. It was time to return to my younger age, when I toyed with multiplayer projects. A friend asked my help with an interesting idea, and I I jumped head on into connected games with Unity. Not a nice experience, I have to say. But, as y boss says, if you learn something from it, then it is worth the effort.
I have invested two weeks tr…