Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Inventory system

Im almost there! I have been working lately on inventory system, including the UI part, which required some revision of the actual foundations: the item system and how to use them. After a week of coding I figured out how to properly use UI events, with a few details to polish, but 80% is there. My advice: always use IPointerDown interface and similars. It will save you lot of time and clicks. You can even create the event trigger by code, no need to add it in editor. I used the old project to test and find design errors, to migrate the improved code to TPS prototype later.
Yes, the next project, unless the team decides to go back to isometric view, will be a third person RPG. Im working (a lot!) to polish my coding skills and have transferred part of the design and writing tasks to a friend. Which means that I will only supervise the design and write part of the whole game story.
There is a large obstacle in the road ahead: legal issues. I wont get into details here, but I can say that game development is... almost ilegal, or not totally legal. Depends on how the government wants to use the law against you. Working for a foreign partner, again, is ilegal, unless you create a cooperative, which takes time, paperwork and years to approve. It is not in my hands to solve this, so I have decided to move on and forget about it.
The last big issue is funding. As I mentioned, some people want to be paid in advance. No way to solve this yet, but Im sure Ill find some solution.
Dont expect significant progress reports until september or so.

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