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Krai Mira on Steam Greenlight

Krai Mira, a single player adventure that takes place on boundless steppes, radioactive swamps, distinctive settlements and grim mountain forests of the Crimea island, is now on Steam Greenlight. It is a post-apocalyptic, Fallout inspired RPG, and I have a good feeling about this game. You can download the demo and see it by yourself.
The game has been in development since 2013 and could be released in 2016. I wish them the best of luck.

Unity3d for Linux!

Came to office today after an extra holiday day, and found that I missed this amazing announcement. Native Linux support is scarce among commercial engines, which usually are limited to generate builds for this platform, a relatively recent achievement probably implemented due to massive claims of Linux ports in some successfull Kickstarter campaigns. Unity3d was the first to break the barrier, even a few months after saying that a Linux port was unfeasible and not profitable. Was followed close by Crytek (dont know the state of their native Linux tools) and then Unreal Engine 4.
The bad side is that this new build, based on 5.1, is experimental, which means that they still could pull the plug at any time if they consider that maintaining it is not profitable. Judging from the lot of bugs posted in the specific forum section, there is still lot of work to do, but also seems to me that it proves that there is interest in this Linux port.

Playing with the Xbox

Perhaps it is hard to believe, but in my 40 years I havent played with an Xbox. My console experiences were restricted to old Nintendo 64, even Atari devices, but for brief playings sessions. Never touched a PS One, or anything more recent. Which is the rule here in Cuba, Im not an exception.
I wanted to try Wasteland 2 for Xbox, but the game is not available in my city (probably because it will be released in October, something I didnt knew), so I had to test Diablo 3 to get an idea about how to adapt a game designed for mosue and keyboard to console controller. The experience wasnt as bad as I expected, to my surprise, I got used to the controller in a minute and my Barbarian successfully crushed heads and evaded death during half an hour. It was good.
The test answered part of my questions, but others arise: how about a third person game, like Dragon Age (with several skills available) or The Witcher 3? So, I have another test pending, or maybe several of them, which means that Il…

New UI

Sorry for being away too long. Im really busy with the project, lots of things to learn, and time is not enough. I have spent most of the experimenting time in the last days in the new Uinty3D UI. Maybe you wont believe it, but Unity3D idnt had a decent UI system with a layout editor until version 4.6. Before that, all UI was handled via code. The new system is more flexible, but it is not  exactly something Im used to, and takes some effort to fully underestand it.

I started with the old UI system because I thought it was better suited for elements dynamically created, yet, I was wrong about that. The new method also allows to create widgets at runtime, something that I havent mastered yet. but it will come.

Probalby i will use my vacations to work on that, expect some screenshots soon.