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We have news about Torque, but they mostly say nothing

I have to confess that I no longer check garage Games site daily, as I did a year ago. They tend to post every 4-5 months, and engine releases are becoming more and more scarce. So, I was surprised today when I found they posted something two days ago.

But the update says very little: they are fighting the spam, the Torque2D steering committee is being reformed, and old Torque3D demo, Pacific, will be available for the T3D steering committee. Guess that means that will be released to public too.

Quite uninteresting news.

Im back

After 10 busy days, Im back to work. Well, sort of.

My pockets are empty, but I had some good times that worth the expenses. The books presentation was a bit dissapointing, but we have to consider that the launch was in a very distant place, and such large event as an international Fair tends to dilute the attention. Im pleased to say that even the most demanding readers (the fantasy writers) liked my book, but they all agree in consider the illustration work as bad. Couldnt meet many readers in the Fair, but I have been receiving good critics from them too, yesterday I even got news from the daughter of a former coworker, who saw the book in the library.

I was interviewed for a couple of indie documentaries, one of them about game development in Cuba. That is an issue that generated some interest: me as game developer, besides writer. I had the chance to meet my first 3D artist and discuss about the project. Soon you will see his work. I also met another game developer, who is work…

C u in 2 weeks!

Im leaving for Havana tomorrow. The pause will come un a good time: Im not making too much progress, new 3d models are on the way and Urho3D needs some time to improve. Two weeks wont make much difference, but I hope I will find something new when I pull again. Perhaps, even a new version.

It is time to stabilize my development platform, so Ill be stopping this pull every day habit as soon as Urho releases next version. That will allow to keep the whole team using the same code, and even myself to keep same engine here and at home.

Ill be back feb. 23. In the meantime, I will post a few images and short updates, if budget allows (public internet time is quite expensive).

Habemus team!

Sort of. Two modellers and one developer are interested in helping. The developer already suggested a few improvements to the dialog file format, which proves that you dont have to actually write code to contribute, good ideas are also valuable. The 3D artists are quite good at low poly modelling, using Blender, I knew there was talented people in my country, but finding them is difficult.

It is also difficult to coordinate a team that lacks internet, and have only restricted access to mail and a sort of national intranet, with few services. Right now I need to host some files and cant find a way to do it. So, I had to spent hours trying to figure out how to upload files to my local blog, instead of working. It was stressing.

During next week I will be in Havana, and will meet one of the artists, when I return, will travel to Guantanamo, the city where I was born, to meet the developer. The third guy will have to wait, because he lives far away, in the north shore.

So, only yesterday…