Friday, April 22, 2016

And this is how it looks

My first project, an open source isometric (in 3D) RPG. Started about a year ago to learn Unity3d, previously made with Urho3D, with an even older attempt in Ogre3D.

The current code has an almost working inventory system, with item equip, dynamic dialogs stored in XML, limited quest support, and the isometric camera system that took me some effort to implement in my first days with Uniy3d. The bugs: deferred rendering doesnt works with ortho projection (not my fault, but Unity's), idle to walk animation transition problem, lighting problems, and the combat system doesnt works yet. Almost there: drag and drop items and actions to quick slot bar, save and load, get items from containers and some widget to check ongoing quests.

Get the code in Github and learn from it; some of the 3D assets can be downloaded from our OpenGameArt collection, and they are almost commercial quality! Im in dire need of hardware upgrades, so, any donations are welcome.

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