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Two quests working

Plus many other changes! I fixed the weird problem with the experience bar, caused by C# not converting int by int division to float unless I explicitly cast one of the factors to float. Also I found another mistake I introduced in combat and noticed that current animation switching should be moved to item use function, instead of being triggered by action class. That eases dealing with an increasing number of different animations for different items and not animating at all if the item can't be used (like when it has no ammo). It is a design mistake I made when started creating the item system.

Other little addition was the death event for NPCs, once implemented that and fixed combat, one of the quests could be solved by talking or by killing, your choice! Still left a little detail: once dead, the NPCs still have some activity that needs to be properly cleared. I currently lack a death animation, so I can't further advance in making NPC death to "look good", and r…

Crafting system!

At last! Yesterday, when I went to sleep, I got an idea about the crafting system. Nothing complex, like the rest of the RPG system: just collect schematics and bring them to a crafter for building. The crafter will provide the materials, so, actually, no materials are required. That's all.

The quality of the resulting item will be determined by crafter experience. There will be several crafters, but not all of them will produce excellent items, probably just 2-3. The range of items that can be crafted is not decided yet, still have to think how does it affects the game balance. For example, should crafters be able to create implants too, or only armors and weapons? What about ammo, optical or laser sights?

Also, I decided to keep the start scene with just a couple of quests. They will cover the basics of interacting with NPCs, use of items and combat. One of those quests will have two solutions: a pacific and an aggressive one. The other will be combat only. There is another su…