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Some ramblings about ScriptableObjects

First, I have finished the beta for my2D project. I'm now looking for serious beta testers, and hope I can have a more complete demo soon.

Now, lets get into matter. Lately, I have found a couple of interesting materials about ScriptableObjects. I used one to implement the AI system, but then found this second:

This guy uses ScriptableObjects like a swiss knife, for an amazing variety of tasks, some of them you wouldn't believe. I recommend you to watch the video. I was really interested in seeing how can they be used to replace Singleton based game manager class, but he didn't covered that topic (or I did not understood when he did).

In my case, I plan to explore ScriptableObjects in the new iteration of my RPG project for AI (already have a working proof of concept) and for items/inventory system. Then I will see if there is some way I can used them to improve the dialog system.

Seems that Unity is trying to address the lack of information about ScriptableObjects, this…

Polishing the AI system

Well, the AI system is done. I figured out the way it works enough to be able to extend it a bit and implement a couple of different behaviors and situations. I'm working to polish the demo and then I will probably release the code on Github. It is very basic, and will include player vs 1, player vs group, player group vs group, and some other stuff like reaction to player, warnings, attack after warning and follow the player.
Also, I will include some needed subsystem, like items and abilities. This is not in any way a 100% reliable tutorial, it is just me throwing code to see if it works. Expect more news on this later this week or next.