Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend progress

I had to make a short stop during weekend, because a light migraine that started annoying me on friday. I took that as a warning that I should do something else, and I decided to play a bit Age of Decadence, which, by the way, is not a fantasy game, but a Sci-fi one, cleverly masked. The post-apocalyptic world of AoD is the result of some old war that sent humanity to early medieval ages, although some old technology appears sometimes.
Its a a ruthless game, with an incredibly high difficult level, not fun if you want to fight. In AoD, 1vs1 and 1vs2 fights are hard, 1vs3 is plain suicide. You wont be able to complete many quests, simply because you dont have the required skills, and sometimes you will have to change loyalties in order to advance.
But, I also found some time to work on the project, and managed to implement a few changes. I had to force myself to halt development until I sit and properly design some way to store item information to avoid making the same mistakes I made before.
But, technically, now player character has items that can view, and skills/abilities that can view and use (in the case of abilities). I squished a bug that was annoying me for two days, that prevented animations other than walk and idle to play, but I introduced another animation related bug. I plan to spend this week working on that, and perhaps trying to implement some combat system that works, before going into other things.

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