Friday, April 1, 2016

The weapons of the future are not so... futuristic

Even when I have the freedom to decide what kind of weapons are we going to have in the future described in the story of our next game, I wanted to make a little research. After all, 40 years are not so many years, yet they are enough to ensure that technology will change, I thought. In a world were nanotechnology and graphene will rule, military tech has to be different.
Well, seems that our future military tech is not going to be so future. Maybe it is classified information, but seems that besides using polymers for cases, we wont be seeing many changes in the next decades.
Ammo technology havent been changing a lot lately. Even next gen stuff like flechettes and caseless ammunition is not so next gen, and has been extensively tested and its weaknesses proven, and discarded. Thats the reason why they are not ben used on the battlefield. The real next step: energy beam weapons, are still far from our reach. To achieve lethal results, the laser must focus the target for a long time, or to be extremely powerful, which requires an amount of energy that we cant generate with portable means, not even a backpack size one, not to mention rifle magazine sized batteries.
So, instead of trying to figure out what is going to be the weapon of the future, the correct approach is to ask: what caliber are we gonna be using? Large? Small? How will ammo overcome the supposedly invulnerable graphene vests? Will we have smart weapons, some sort of iRifle?
Seems that all these questions has no easy answer, so, I decied to exercise my freedom as creator, and choose whatever weapon system I want.

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