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Showing posts from July, 2017

Project updated

A brief post to let you know that I have updated my old project: The Key of the World, an open source isometric 3D RPG. Depending on how busy (or not) are the next days/months, I will fix some big mistakes I made during development.

The source code can be found in Github, and can be used for learning purposes, forked, or whatever the license permits. Here is a short video of the game in action:

Dealing with controller support

I have been working lately to add controller support to my both projects. I made some basic tests long time ago, using my joystick, but a week ago a friend kindly provided me an Xbox 360 controller. Then, the true work started.

After a brief phase of "I have no idea about how to do it", and after that "probably there is something in youtube" (there was), I managed to put some basic support, first on character movement, you can see it in the Labyrinth gameplay video, which was recording while I played using the controller. As a side effect, Im thinking to change the gameplay mechanics of my 3rd person prototype to camera freelook, like Mass Effect/Witcher.

Then, I began to extend controller support to the UI. Things are not so easy here, because I had to rethink the design of many interface elements. Also, moving through buttons requires to reinterpret  axis events as button events.

I plan to finish all the tests this week, return the controller to its owner, and r…