Monday, March 16, 2015

Damage report

Well, seems that the earthquake didnt caused any significant damage in my home, or at least it is not visible. Yet, I had some bad luck strike scheduled for this weekend. I noticed something weird when I turned on my home PC in the night: no sound in Windows, and mouse didnt worked most of the time. Under Linux, I had sound and mouse. At some point, the mouse stopped working in both systems, sometimes disabling the keyboard too. Tested the mouse in another PC, and then tried to disconnect the PC from the power outlet. Never woke up again.

If I switch on the PSU, the motherboard led doesnt lights and (weird) the CPU starts moving! Even if I havent tried to turn on the PC. So, my PSU is fried, or maybe it is the motherboard, or worse, they are both dead. So, couldnt work this weekend. 

But, I have decided not to worry about it. This morning I was thinking how fucked I was, while I came to the office. Had to walk a lot, as usual, no transport from home to the intermediate bus stop, the bus to my last stop was full... when I saw this poor dog in the parking space in front of the office. He lost his rear legs, probably in some accident, so he has to drag the back of the body to move from one place to another. It was painful to see.

And then I thought I had lost something that I can recover. Eventually, some friend will help me, or I will take money from my special savings reserved for when I lost my job (should happen in 2-3 months). But the poor animal has lost something he cant recover, no matter how much good will somebody put on it.

Next time you think you are in troubles, whatever kind of troubles youy have in other countries (no job, cant buy a next gen console, or whatever), think that we all have our own problems, well, unless you have millions in the bank and then your problem will be deciding to what party go tonight. We all have them,  and sure, somebody will be in worse hurry than you. Like me, or the poor dog in front of my office.

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