Friday, March 6, 2015

An interesting week

Was thinking to talk about the events in the previous days, but then I thought that you could get more details on the news websites, earlier, so, I decided to wait until the end of the week to give my opinions about GDC 2015.

This year the event shaked the foundations of game industry. The first two days were loaded with the best, seems that nobody saved anything for the weekend. We knew that Unreal Engine 4 would be free until you start selling, which was great. The 5% fee is still there, but not having to pay in advance really helps indie developers that are under severe budget restrictions, like me.

Then Unity3d announced a similar model: we can use its Personal license, which now includes all the engine features that were previously capped. The Pro license now costs $75 per month, which is cheaper than previous $2000 team license. And dont forget that they launched Unity3D 5.

Many reasons to be happy, yet, I havent managed to benefit from them. Unreal site is now blocked to Cuba (it wasnt a week ago), the github repo is not public, requires to register first in the site. Also, it recommends using Visual Studio 2013, which requires to be online, or at least monthly activations. Like a friend told me: it is not meant to be used in Cuba.

Unity site is open, but not totally, I can download, but cant get a license because that section is blocked. So are the forums, which forces me to ask for help in other sites.

Once the euphoria of the first days dissipated and considering that I cant use Unreal nor Unity, I could say that nothing new came from it for us, the indie developers in Cuba.

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