Friday, April 24, 2015

Unigine 2.0 Beta 2

Unigine Engine had some glory moment a few years ago, when was often in Phoronix news, because of being the only one game engine supporting Linux (natively!). But their elitist and closed approach made them lost the big opportunity, IMHO, when the community demanded Linux port of Wasteland 2.
The problem with Unigine is mostly its lack of documentation. Instead of making the engine widely accessible, they refuse to provide what they call "evaluation kit" if you are not an established game company, 90% of which are not going to need an evaluation kit, because they already have an engine. The license costs are around $30k per project, the forums are closed, and they havent worked too hard to fill Youtube with videotutorials showing how easy is to work with it (it is not too easy, I used it once in 2011).
They didnt changed their licensing when Unreal released UDK, and guess what, didnt changed it when full Unreal Engine became free, as did Unity3D.
With the great opportunity missed, it is a miracle they are still alive. But I see this as a chance, perhaps in the future they will change and become more accessible.

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