Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Scene assets

Alejandro sent me yesterday some screenshots of the assets used in the first project scene. As usual, I had an image in my mind, mostly influenced by the previous art I used (which was totally out of my control). The new models and textures suit much better the essence of Calesoni Castle.

Calesoni is a place in the middle of nowhere, but their inhabitants think it is a beacon of civilization in a neighborhood of farmer villages, just because they have stone houses. Actually, they dont have even a decent brothel.
Yet, it is a medium sized location, designed to introduce the player to the game mechanics, specially combat. You will be fighting a few minutes (unless you take your time to explore the place) after arriving, but later will have access to many different quests, involving a wide range of skills. Obviously, you wont be able to complete all of them.

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