Monday, January 5, 2015

Where is Torque3D?

I have been checking Torque3D site often, waiting for an update. Well, not so often. But first it was daily. then, every 2-3 days. Then weekly. Lately, I look it sometimes. No news. Not even regular irrelevant news, but quite irrelevant news posted every 2 months or so.

Havent looked at the forums. Probably nothing interesting there neither. When I left, there were a few interesting projects, like refactoring the renderer to use proper deferred rendering (not deferred lighting) and add DirectX 11. I isouns good, but the core problem of the engine (hard to underestand, lack of proper documentation), wasnt being addressed.

Torque3D has a nice community of people that managed to underestand the engine and it suits their needs. For the rest, the clash with a new complex tool is not so good and many abandon, like I did, when after a month of work you still think that you dont know nothing about the engine.

In retrospective, I did well not spending more time with Torque3D. Yes, I spent some months without writing a code line, but in the end, better choices came up, like Urho3D and Godot. Specially the later, that is receiving some love from the media.

Torque3D wont die, but neither will go too far too fast. Anyway, it is good to know there is another choice to try if the rest fail.

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