Tuesday, January 27, 2015

OpenShot is failing

Some months ago I created a video using OpenShot and it was easy. Well, the task wasnt too complex: just cut and assemble pieces of a few captures. Im now working on the game trailer and seems that OpenShot is not well suited for the job.

First I found that the titles were quite limited: I could not place the text in arbitrary screen positions, only at some predefined locations. There is not much I can do with title format, unless I use Inkscape. Cant create 3d titles unless I use Blender.

Well, I dont need too fancy titles, I just wish I could have them. Not essential. Then I started to test timing with the soundtrack and found that at some point the video is getting garbled, removed the part, and the new first seconds became garbled again. At some point, OpenShot no longer plays the video preview, just the audio, I have to close and open again. Also the program freezes. Doesnt seems to be lack of memory, I have 4Gb and conky reports that only 1.3Gb are being used.

Im thinking to switch to Lightworks, but looked at minimum system specs and I need an i7 CPU, far from my modest Core 2. Also, Lightworks is a complex tool that requires time to get familiar with. Seems that Ill have to try other choices like KDEnlive, anything except Cinelerra.

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