Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekly report

What a week! December 17th was a unique day, which deserves a post by itself, but it is too late for that. So, better to write about latest progress in the project.

The changelog includes the following features:

  • Clickable scene triggers, regrettably, couldnt make collision based triggers work.
  • Cursor modes: normal, view and trigger. Now the mouse cursor changes when hovering over a trigger or an object that can be examined.
  • Changing scenes. Now you can travel from one scene to another, and go back to previous one. Though still need to properly save entity states.
  • Dialog checks: now the dialog parser validates checks (right now only quests) and proceeds to the corresponding answers. Still very early work.
Maybe I forgot something here, but thats the more relevant additions in the code side. Im reaching the 1000 code lines! and that is just in AngelScript. The dialog editor is C++, Qt based and it is already around 100 lines of code. Expect some screenshots before the end of the year.

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