Wednesday, December 10, 2014

OGA is getting better

Lately I have been browsing more and more, trying to get a few assets to fill my scenes, test UI and add background music. And about music, I have to say that Im really amazed, the quality of the tracks you can find is really good. And by quality, I dont mean mere audio quality, but in the artistic sense.

Im already using Eric Matyas tracks in the game project, but today I discovered a few more orchestral works that literally made my jaw drop (yes, I drooled like a dog and had to clean it later). So, seems that the music department is 100% covered for the project.

What we need now is that 3D art gets as good and useful as music. There are a few assets worth using, and a few that can do as placeholders, but we need more collections. They can really save your prototype, mostly because inside a collection there is an uniform style. Also, 3d artists must learn to model for engines, Im having problems with a large house collection I downloaded, just to find that they are made of several small pieces. The modularity is good, but they tend to confuse Urho3D exporter.

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