Friday, December 26, 2014

Feature: day/night cycle

Night falls on Elymuria
Yesterday I implemented basic day/night cycle in the game. Some lights, like the one you see in the screenshot, are only active during night. Still have to tweak progression of light color through the day and calculate the correct sun (and moon) angle.

Luckily, I dont have to deal with sky boxes, but I do have with weather, because I want to have some sort of precipitation and fog. The ideas about how to implement it are crossing my mind (and leaving it so quickly that I cant grasp them) but I think it is better to wait for Urho3D particle system to get better (and until I can grasp one of those runaway ideas).

Also I have been working on the interface, but not too seriously; I must sit and design a proper layout for the UI. I looked at style definition file and it is not too hard to modify to create the game's own look, it just takes some time.

By the way, the FPS count seems low, but I consider it quite good for an Intel integrated GPU, although eventually it wont be enough to move the scenes.

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