Friday, December 5, 2014

The road so far

(Play here Carry on my wayward son)
Very productive week, at least in terms of Urho3D forum posts, if I keep going on this pace I will have more posts than the engine developers. Almost damaged my wrist yesterday trying to assemble a good looking scene, definitely I need a precise mouse, a better table and a better chair. Cant pay for neither of them.

Code is growing, slow, but steady (which, coincidently, is almost the same as our President's slogan when asked about our "economic model update"). I wish I could announce that I already started the project, but I cant consider this bunch of lines as a project, but more like a better organized workbench. Cant discard the possibility of throwing all to the archives and start from scratch.

Every day I learn a few new details, and sometimes I also have to leave features behind because they dont work as planned. right now while I write this I have figured out a workaround for one of those features. Cant say I know AngelScript, but I like it and for a C developer like me, it is more natural than Lua.

Urho3D continues advancing, but probably we will need a year or so before having a really complete engine. I still have time before start requiring fancy stuff like particles, I hope I keep going behind the development rythm. Have a nice weekend and we'll see next monday... or whenever comes the next post.

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