Monday, November 24, 2014

WTF, Windows?

I always had an issue with Windows as development platform. I have found all kind of weird problems when compiling my projects with Visual C++, weird crashes, and of course, the redist hell.

After a very productive weekend, VS 2012 totally fucked my night yesterday. The project compiles and runs under Linux, but Visual C++ yields lots of syntax errors. Can you believe that? Syntax errors! Produced by an Urho3D class, whose header file is already included, a few lines above the offending line. Thats why I have a rule (which I forgot this time): never write more than 20 lines of code without testing in both platforms.

But thats not all. Seems that neither Urho3D editor can load the scenes I worked this weekend, there is some textures it cant load.

I have only a solution for this: move the development to Windows and migrate much more code than I expected to AngelScript, implementing in C++ a minimal launcher. So, I have to go back to study sessions.

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