Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hello Ello

A few days ago I got my Ello invitation. This new social network is still in beta stage and I thought I would never get it, anyway I was curious about it and the words minimalistic design attracted me. My connection is not so fast, or better to say that it is quite slow, so any web site that doesnt require to download megabytes of Js code and AJAX stuff is a relief.
And yes, Ello is minimalistic. So much, that takes some time and tries to figure out how to comment or publish. There is no quick way to express your approval for a post (thanks Facebook, for making us addicts to Like), except for commenting something stupid like Amazing! or Wow! The interface is clean, light, I would say empty.
Havent found anything interesting in Ello yet. Not only the interface is empty, the lack of users can be perceived. All your friends (or your enemies) are in Facebook. In G+, all your Gmail contacts were there, and there was interesting info since the first day.
So, as I feel so lonely, I want to give some invitations to Ello. Drop me a comment if you want one.

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