Friday, November 28, 2014

At last we will reveal ourselves to the public

It is here. After a long wait (for some), we have a brief vision of what Star Wars VII is going to be.

Perhaps because my expectation is not the same as years ago, I didnt noticed the time. One day we had the announce, one day I find the trailer is a few days ahead, and probably I will forget about it until next trailer (which we surely will have next year, or even two), and then until release.

The trailer has everything that defines the original Star Wars: X-wings, Millenium Falcon and Tie fighters.Which means, in my opinion, that it will more closely connected to it than the New Trilogy, a weird story, totally inconsistent with previous lore. I hope Kasdan and Abrams have done a better work than Lucas did.

Check this article in The Verge if you want to see the cast and a short bio.

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