Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Still working

Yesterday I spent the night looking at Urho3D scripting system (finishing Wasteland 2 has been like raising a heavy stone that was compressing my free time). During weekend I found a weird build problem that ignores some options, preventing  Lua scripting and samples from being built, so, to avoid potential problems to future users, I will stick to AngelScript, which is a sort of default language for this engine.

Seems that I will have to keep the C++ code minimal, and write everything in AngelScript. I had the wrong idea that LuaJIT was faster, but somebody kindly mentioned in the forums that, as LuaJIT is not using FFI, AngelScript is faster. At least, fast enough for my needs.

What do I dislike in Urho3D? Well, obviously the lack of editor integration. And the use of OpenGL 2 instead of 3. Yes, it does supports a broad range of devices, which I appreciate, but OpenGL 3 does too, and it is much more advanced. And I think I still have a lot to learn about it, and it has a lot to mature. As a backup plan, Im putting Godot in my To Do list.

About my next project, I havent decided what to do. What I can assure is that it is going to be an RPG and open source. But cant say if Im going to go ahead with the DNT fork or if Im going to work on my own fantasy story, based on Elymuria universe. Ill have to throw a coin.

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