Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Yep, we have minimap, actually, it is more like a satellite view. I made a quick proof of concept yesterday, while watching Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers game. I had the overall idea, but with the help of a nice tutorial, I completed the blank spaces, which were related to redirecting the Render to Texture to an UI element (a Raw Image) and how to place markers (use an specific layer, cull that layer in normal camera, and all layers but that one in minimap camera).

Still have a few issues to solve (what happens if the marker is inside a building or covered by something?), but eventually I will solve them. First I have to spend some time to deal with the coroutine hell that became the AI, and implement some way to tune the behavior of each entity, other than writing a custom script for each one.

Anyway, Iḿ  quite happy with the progress so far. Considering I'm not a great programmer, I have achieved some interesting things, and others are pending until I can get the required hardware.

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