Thursday, January 19, 2017

I have finished Deus Ex: Mankind divided

One of the problems that comes with being a writer, is that you start analyzing everything you read. Sometimes you think you would have written it in a different way, or simply you see a pattern: this guy is going to die, or this is going to end this way.

Yesterday I finished Deus Ex: Mankind divided, one of the titles I wanted to play last year. Took me a bit to get it, just to find that my hardware is not enough and I had to avoid using weapons: impossible to aim with only 15-18 frames per second. I urgently need a better video card, and a PSU to feed it. The game itself is not bad, the only complaint I have is about the story.

Deus Ex felt like a bit short to me, with a quite basic plot. Except for a couple of decisions (do this or that, not both), the dialogs are mostly useless cinematics that provide information at the cost of wasting gameplay time, and do not add any complexities to the storyline.

And why do I expected a better story? Well, because Deus Ex is an RPG, despite being a first person, action (or stealth) game. And because I expected a bit more from a writing team of 6-7 people that earn in a month 10 times my annual salary. C'mon, guys! I'm working alone and my RPG plot is already better!

Anyway, it is a good game, as I said. No reason to discard it just because of lack of storyline depth. I strongly advise that you play it, if you haven't already.

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