Friday, December 30, 2016

Saying goodbye to 2016 from the clouds

Or almost. Yesterday I had the possibility to fly a paraglide, thanks to an experienced pilot of our local club. We wanted to repeat today, but I have some unavoidable compromisses (not that I fear to repeat the flight).
My english is rather limited to describe the experience. I will just repeat what a canadian pilot that lives here told me before taking off: You like flying, so you probably have dreamed of flying or floating in the air. This is the same. Quite accurate. Excepting for the shakes when wind blows.
During 30-40  minutes we floated over the mountains, sharing a not so little piecde of sky with three other pilots: the canadian and two germans, who, I have to say, had incredible sails, even with winglets and airbags.
Regrettably, I lost all the pictures and videos last night, when I was trying to copy them to PC. An unfortunate Shift+Del in the wrong place. But I will fly again soon.
It was a pleasant event in a year that haven't been good for me.
This is my last post until januuary, so I want to wish to the few readers I have a happy new eve, prosperity, health and anything you want in 2017.

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