Monday, December 5, 2016

Knowledge can be everywhere

When I started the project I didn't expect to learn much from it. It s a simple 2D game, after all. But I was wrong. Seems that The Labyrinth of Knowledge will not only teach the players, but also the developer.

A couple of weeks ago I had to rewrite the character movement system, when I finally found how to properly implement a virtual joystick. At the same time, I use the experience to fix the keyboard based input system and now it is multidevice. I tested it with my old joystick, as I don't have access to any other controller. It works! Of course, a joystick can't properly emulate a controller, but at least, I could test the movement.

Also, I had to implement a chase algorithm for the Ignorance minions: the ghosts! I'm still polishing it, but works pretty much like the one in the original game. Unity has no path finding in 2D, A* is a bit complicated to implement and I wanted something basic.

So far, the demo is almost complete, but a few graphics are still blocking the public release. There are not many artists in the city experienced in creating 2D animations that also are willing to work for free. But eventually, I will find a way.

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