Monday, July 4, 2016

Wanna be a writer?

Here are a couple of free advices for you: get discipline and motivation.

I have been working lately to finish my fourth novel before the end of the year, and polishing the last details in the third before august. Without taking too much time from programming. Obviously, I haven't had too much success on the later. But at least, I have confirmed something: discipline is crucial, and also is motivation and some previous planning.

Before starting the fourth novel book, I tried to put together some basic structure, a few lines describing what happens. In the end, it proved to be insufficient, but also the correct way to avoid getting stucked too often. It didnt avoided long periods of not writing at all, but the solution for this was to find the right motivator.

In my case, I try to channel all daily experiences good or bad, to my "fuel tank". Specially the bad ones, and I have a large supply of those lately. So, I have been able to keep working daily, duplicating my productivity, with some margin for an extra growth.  I went from writing 4 pages per month, to 10 pages.

Still I have to overcome my own limitations: I must improve the plot quality and pay more attention to details. What makes a good writer is the care for the story. I admit I have yet much to learn on this topic, and there is no school that can teach that. Literary workshops or courses can teach you how to write, not what to write. Creative writing is about being creative!

Of course, I can't guarantee that this solution will work for you. But you can try it.

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