Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fourth novel almost finished

I have been following my own advices and I'm glad to say that the fourth novel is reaching the final stage. I'm surprised! Of course, finishing is not the end, after that comes a log process of review and polish. As usual, I have fell short of the initial estimate of page count. Very short. This will require some work to introduce more action in the plot, without affecting the rhythm of the story.

Also, I have started to work on detailing the game story a bit more. Got some little help from a friend on this, but after some quick review I noticed that we really don't have an story, just a few random events. No open world, no plot twists, no substance. So, I have to go back to step one: proper planning. It is a big world, so, it will be a large work.

Also I have  to program sometimes, which means I'm doing three tasks at same time (I'm better than iOS!). Again, I'm surprised of how well Im handling this. The trick consists in prioritizing tasks according to inspiration. Yes, programming requires inspiration too! I know it is a very hard to measure parameter and maybe it will not work for everyone. But it is my method.

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