Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Linux Mint 18

Just a few days after release, I downloaded and installed Linux Mint 18 Sarah. Im usually not eager to try distros as soon as they are released, but it has been a long wait. Since 17, there have been some minor releases (17.1, 17.2) and I wanted to see some real change.

But specially, I wanted to see what side did they take on the Wayland vs Mir issue. My question about that on the forums some years ago didn't received an answer, it was too early. But Sarah demanded a decision.

And the answer has been to offer both. So, probably you will be able to use Mir and follow a more Ubuntu line setup, or follow the rest of the community and use Wayland. In this case, Im not in a hurry to test Wayland, not yet. At least, not until Cinnamon and all the desktop is 100% ready for the new graphic server.

I have to say that Im pleased with the change. One of my biggest complaints was the Windows network browsing, in Mint 17 it was slow and most of the time it freezed Nemo, the file explorer. Some times I preferred booting Windows instead of risking to waste my time. Now it is really fast (Im talking about 3-4 seconds, instead of 10 or more), but still Im not sure if stability was improved. Just that makes the change worthy.

Soon I expect to install it at home, together with Windows 10. Im not using it too much lately, because Unity consumes too much of my time, but as I plan to support Linux, it is a wise choice to have it.

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