Thursday, January 7, 2016

Seems Im not going to have an Oculus

The Oculus price is far beyond expected, because they decided to optimize over cost. Even the previous price of $350 was a bit out of my reach, but now it is completely impossible. First, let me explain that I dont buy my PC parts with my symbolic salary: about $40 USD. I usually do something. Some extra job, some help from a friend, etc. This means that Im behind technology all the time, my CPU is a generation (or two, or three) old, my display is 4-5 inches less than the average, storage is always insufficient and the RAM is the barely needed.

So, my PC is far from the minimum requirements to provide a decent VR experience. And, unless some miracle happens, I wont be spending any more money to improve it this year, besides the PSU and RAM Im buying next month.

Anyway, this is not that bad. I dont like to be an early adopter, and in this specific case it is good to step aside and see what happens during this year. We have Oculus, but also HTC Vive, which means it is going to be an interesting year for the virtual reality. In the mean time, the traditional games still have a lot to offer, Im eager to see Tides of Numenera, Cyberpunk 2077, Mass Effect: Andromeda and any other surprise. After that... well, after that we can start dreaming with games for VR.

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