Monday, January 25, 2016

My dreamed rig

I have a little sorrow in my life: never have been able to build a PC to my entire satisfaction. Lack of budget, of course.

If I were to build my dreamed rig, how it would be? Well, probably I would choose some i5, maybe 4th or 5th generation, something with 4 cores. Nowadays 8Gb seems to be enough RAM to play any game and develop, so I would stick to that. My PSU of choice is a 620 watt Antec, or similar, had one of those that worked flawlessly. I tend to favor Asus motherboards, so, surely that would be my choice.

Not sure if I would have an SSD, but the main storage would be some 2 Tb traditional hard drive, plus some external drive. Even when I consider that optical disks are becoming irrelevant, I would include a BluRay drive, and a card reader.

Although I have been an ATI/AMD user for years, it is mostly because budget reasons. I have good experiences with Nvidia cards, so I dont discard that my  video card could be a 970. Otherwise, Fury Nano looks good. For sure, it would be a high end card, paired with a 27 inch display, perhaps 4K, maybe 2K if I feel modest.

For peripherals, a mechanical keyboard and some gaming mouse for basic input. Wired, not wireless. Of course, I need some HOTAS and pedals, there are many choices that I usually try to not to look at, to avoid torturing myself. If I have to mention brands, Saitek or Thrustmaster.

And last, but not least, an Oculus Rift! But of course, this is just a dream.

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