Monday, January 4, 2016

Fallout 4 is probably the worst plot ever written by Bethesda

Ok, I have been playing Fallout 4 every day for more than a week now, until I got underrail and left it abandoned. So, I guess I have enough evidence to say that this is the worst story created by Bethesda. Fallout 3 was simple and stupid, but man...

Lets start with Minutemen. Almost in the beginning of the game, you find this people with this great idea of helping the Commonwealth. An hour later, you find out that the quests are a sort of procedurally generated, which is not bad per se. What is bad, is that the universe of possible quests is very small. So, very soon you end up saving the same settlement two of three times, from the same threats, until you decide to forget about Minutemen quests.

But hey, there is this Brotherhood guy that appears right when you are getting bored of saving villagers. I have played with the Brotherhood in every Fallout game, so I expected this time not to be different. Guess what: it was different. From the first words of Danse, I thought that this Brotherhood perhaps wasnt a good choice. They were a bunch of bigots, so I decided to delay joining them for a while.  In the end, joining them wasnt a rewarding experience, except for the armor I got from them. In FO4, BOS is no longer a group devoted to preserve knowledge, but a horde of canned intolerants devoted to erradicate synths and everything slightly apart from human.

So, after all this disappointing encounters, the only natural choice seems to be The Railroad. The Institute comes too late, with a weird and diffuse agenda and a selective blindness for the free will of their creations. And then, the only way the writers find to make the plot interesting, is to put you, the player, against your own son. Or you can also align with the Institute, whatever its plans are.

Together with a diluted RPG system, Fallout 4 has achieved to bore me a couple of times, but has also taught me a few lessons as game designer. Lessons I hope I can assimilate to avoid making the same mistakes in my upcoming project.

Well, now we have to wait until Deus Ex: Mankind divided and Cyberpunk 2077 (does somebody knows something about it?) to play a decent RPG. 

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