Thursday, August 27, 2015

Unity3d for Linux!

Came to office today after an extra holiday day, and found that I missed this amazing announcement. Native Linux support is scarce among commercial engines, which usually are limited to generate builds for this platform, a relatively recent achievement probably implemented due to massive claims of Linux ports in some successfull Kickstarter campaigns. Unity3d was the first to break the barrier, even a few months after saying that a Linux port was unfeasible and not profitable. Was followed close by Crytek (dont know the state of their native Linux tools) and then Unreal Engine 4.
The bad side is that this new build, based on 5.1, is experimental, which means that they still could pull the plug at any time if they consider that maintaining it is not profitable. Judging from the lot of bugs posted in the specific forum section, there is still lot of work to do, but also seems to me that it proves that there is interest in this Linux port.

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