Monday, August 17, 2015

Playing with the Xbox

Perhaps it is hard to believe, but in my 40 years I havent played with an Xbox. My console experiences were restricted to old Nintendo 64, even Atari devices, but for brief playings sessions. Never touched a PS One, or anything more recent. Which is the rule here in Cuba, Im not an exception.
I wanted to try Wasteland 2 for Xbox, but the game is not available in my city (probably because it will be released in October, something I didnt knew), so I had to test Diablo 3 to get an idea about how to adapt a game designed for mosue and keyboard to console controller. The experience wasnt as bad as I expected, to my surprise, I got used to the controller in a minute and my Barbarian successfully crushed heads and evaded death during half an hour. It was good.
The test answered part of my questions, but others arise: how about a third person game, like Dragon Age (with several skills available) or The Witcher 3? So, I have another test pending, or maybe several of them, which means that Ill have to invest some money on Xbox time, because I cant be annoying my friend everytime I want to play a game.

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