Friday, May 13, 2016

Progress report

The problem of advancing in a project is that things start to get more complex. I have implemented a few features I wanted, and currently Im going slower than before. The taks in this stage are few:  changing from one scene to another, dialog system and item system.

The second is specially complex. Dialog system is not difficult (when you have spent several years researching and implementing all the possible ideas), yet, the problem lies in how to provide a tool that eases the work of creating and modifying a conversation. A dialog is a big tree, with branches that share leaves, and both of them being subject to constraints like player attibutes, items or quests status. It requires some equally complex tool to manage such amount of information without loosing your mind, or with a minimum reliability.

Regrettably, there is not a free solution for this. The best seems to be Dialog System, which costs $65, and I havent bee able to try it because the donwloaded package is corrupted or it is not compatible with Unity3d 5.2 (according to official site, it is compiled for 5.3, whihc, I cant download). If some day you find yourself in this problem, I recommend that you buy it without hesitation.

The item system... well, it is a pending task since my first project. Im reusing most of the code, and I have advanced a lot. But that doesnt means that Im even close to have something that works. Specially considering that the ammo system is still a blurry idea somewhere in my mind, where the elusive wild ideas live.

But there are good news! I decided to put the modeler to do some concrete work: an scene. Also, assigned the first task to my second programmer. The goal is to have the first real content made for the game and test how capable they are to accomplish the assigned work. Perhaps in a week or so both will come back to report.

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