Thursday, May 5, 2016

How to develop cooperatively... in a single pc

It is time to seriously think about bringing more people to the project. The big problem is that none of those potential candidates (not many, really) have internet access. How do you set up a working environment when all your team is disconnected, and will be for the next 2-3 years?

I have been thinking about that since a month ago. Using the same PC by turns is annoying, but could be a Plan B. Preferably, a Plan Z. Putting several PCs in a single room is impossible: that would require renting a place (it is a zero budget project, remember), and setting  work hours, like an office. I think that creation shouldnt be restricted to specific hours, and videogame development is mostly about creation.

The best solution seems to be to set up a git repository in one PC, and let the developers bring their work in flash drives. I have been doing it for some time, working at home and then pushing the changes to github from here. But that doesnt works when part of your team lives more than 50 km away. In that case, the optimal choice is to have one laptop for each member that inevitably requires access to Github, and pull/push from public WiFi spots (not free, and the laptops would require a heavy investment).

Not an simple problem. Suggestions are welcome.

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