Monday, March 14, 2016

The Key of the World officially closed

Surely nobody will care about this, but I have decided to quit developing my open source isometric RPG. The commonucations with my main artist have became awfully difficult lately, I havent received the models I asked like 6 months ago, and community interest==null. you can get the current code from Github repo, and some of the art from OpenGameArt. I will keep adding code to test features, and will upload more models when I have time, but I wont be actively working to achieve a release or add more content.
As usual, lack of time is the cause. I have as many financial troubles as any regular guy, I need a new phone, some PC parts and fix my roof. So, I have to focus on projects that can produce a real profit, like my novels. The Key of the World collected $0 donations, so I guess it wont help me to solve my problems.
Im sorry, but some times the Real Life comes to bite your ass and drag you back to reality.

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