Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Yesterday one of the informative TV programs we have was dedicated to Internet development in Cuba, with a second part scheduled for next thursday. As I expected, it was mostly grease.

According to the big boss exposing how good we go, currently there are no plans of having Internet at home. The investment required is too big. The pilot program havent even started, and it is not clear when it will, because part of equipment havent been bought yet. I had to attend the newest team members, so I couldnt call or even watch the complete program, regrettably.

The Google offers for help building the infraestructure have been declined, or ignored. Besides, a few articles have appeared trying to justify why it is not wise to accept such offers, based on technological sovereignty issues (yes, because chinese are our dear brothers and letting Huawei to sell us all of our infrastructure doesnt compromises technological sovereignty), technology transfer and interoperability.

But, we will have more WIFI spots and public browsing rooms, which pleases 90% of the users who think that internet is Facebook and VoIP and let us say that 20% of the cubans are connected. An statement that is true only if you stretch a bit the concept of connected. IMHO, having Internet access a couple of hours per month, one kilometer away from my home, where I really need it, is not to be connected. But, it is what we have, and things wont change any time soon. In the meantime, if you want better connection, you can move to USA, as many others have been doing.

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