Monday, February 15, 2016

No Lumberyard for me

Unless you have been living under a stone during the last week or so, you probably know that Amazon released some free CryEngine derivative. Being totally broke as I am, the word free tends to attract my attention, specially if we put it together with other works like commercial quality game engine. I took no time to start downloading Lumberyard.
I have a slow connection in my office. I would rather say that I have a prehistoric connection, subject to filters, rules, vigilance, etc. Yet, I can download big things if resume is supported, and Lumberyard zip file seemed to support it.
I got my first sign of problems last friday, when suddenly, 2Gb of Lumberyard downloaded were simply discarded. Ok, thats a sensible loss, but lets start again. This morning, I discover that, instead of 5-6Gb, I have again 2Gb. When I stopped the download, I lost those too. Lumberyard zip is 10Gb. Also, when decompressed, those 10 become 40, and I currently dont have so much space available. I can mek it, but having 40Gb permanently occupied would leave me without margin for maneuvers.
So, Ill have to pass. Lumberyard sounds like a tempting offer, but it is not for me. Not yet.

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