Thursday, February 25, 2016

And the Most Popular award goes to...

Was checking the blog stats during my long lunch break, and something caught my eye: the most visited post is the isometric camera tutorial. Probably one of my best achievements with Unity3D, I think that I even have visits coming from Unity3D forums. Cant tell it for sure because Unity3d site is unreachable lately.

Took me sometime to put together that code, because I was just starting, but mostly due to a logic error. And, I have been thinking to refactory the system, this time with a freely movable camera, and discard orthographic projection. Orho projection is the ideal for isometric cameras, but Unity3D has some weird bug that prevents using deferred rendering in that projection mode.

Considering that my experiment with third person camera didnt produced perfect results, I have been wondering if my next official project should stick to isometric view. In our first deliberations the team agreed to use third person camera because we had excellent artists that can produce good looking models and we wanted to exploit the scenes in a way that isometric view cant achieve. But now I see that it depends on finding a good programmer (or several) that can deal with the visual side of the project better than I do.

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