Thursday, September 24, 2015

Testing Unreal

It took me a while... actually,a  very long while, but I managed to run Unreal Engine 4.6 at home. The problem is that most of the dependencies are blocked for my country or simply quite large to download. Just judge by yourself: Unreal website itself doesnt allows me to register an account, FBX SDK is unreachable (I had to use a clever trick to upload it directly to my Dropbox), Visual Studio 2013 is required to develop with C++, yet, it required internet connection to activate, until Community Edition came out and it was a 7Gb download. The first time it was corrupted and took several days, I decided to try again and this time it was quick (4 days) and successful.

So, here is it. Now I can properly run Unreal Editor and play with it. Of course, as I know nothing about Unreal, all I could do was to play with the editor, use the third person template project, which has a quite complete third person camera system with mouse free look, like Mass Effect or The Witcher 3.

But playing with the editor is not my objective. I want to get into coding when I have some free time, well, lots of free time. It is the best engine in the world, or at least, the best engine that is widely available, deserves to spend some quality time with it. And I recommend that you try it too if you are a game developer.

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