Friday, July 17, 2015

Playing with wifi

Since July 1st we have 35 wifi areas in Cuba. My city has three of them, and two of those are relatively near to my house, which means that I walk through them every day on my way to office and back. Price is still quite high: about $2 USD per hour, like a 5% of my salary, even more for people with lower salaries.

Connection speed and service quality is erratic. It is based on a captive portal solution: to enable access you have to open the browser and load a page, then you are redirected to a login page to authenticate. Once the auth process concludes, the browser shows a page displaying logout button, consumed and remaining time, and all internet traffic in the device is enabled. I have experienced all sort of weird issues, like account locking, or the accounting page dissapearing when I open a second browser window, which prevents me from doing a proper logout.

It is the first time I can browse internet (for a minute) from my own device. Im using it mostly to check my mail, and after syncing it with my gmail account I found that now I have all my Google mail in the phone, and lots of people in my address book. Still have to install my first app from Google Play, not sure if it is a bandwidth issue or just because it is blocked for Cuba.

It would be fun, except for the fact that it is really expensive and a 3 inches phone is not the right device to have a proper browsing experience. Lets hope I can solve that at some point.

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