Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Back from vacations

After long vacations, Im back to office. Not to work, because I did some little work at home. Yesterday I received the second version of the first game scene and started integrating the changes I coded last week, specifically, the character customization. It will take me a day, because Im doing it the wrong way: copying and pasting scripts and scene files in the new project.

Yes, it is crazy. The artist doesnt has Internet at home and every month I send a flash drive to Havana, and then Alejandro sends it back with his work. The process takes a week. After that, updating the github repo takes a hour or two, because the precalculated light info for the scene is about 80 mb. Also there are a lot of new models that needs to be commited.

Anyway, there are some interesting changes in the project lately. We are still learning about lights, heading to a new character style and division scheme, and more people is interested in joining: 2 programmers! We need coders. Alejandro also worked in a little indoor scene prototype which I will use for some basic scene changing test, using triggers. I hope I can add all the little features I want before the next "iteration", when the project goes to Havana by flash, and then returns with more content.

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