Thursday, February 5, 2015

Habemus team!

Sort of. Two modellers and one developer are interested in helping. The developer already suggested a few improvements to the dialog file format, which proves that you dont have to actually write code to contribute, good ideas are also valuable. The 3D artists are quite good at low poly modelling, using Blender, I knew there was talented people in my country, but finding them is difficult.

It is also difficult to coordinate a team that lacks internet, and have only restricted access to mail and a sort of national intranet, with few services. Right now I need to host some files and cant find a way to do it. So, I had to spent hours trying to figure out how to upload files to my local blog, instead of working. It was stressing.

During next week I will be in Havana, and will meet one of the artists, when I return, will travel to Guantanamo, the city where I was born, to meet the developer. The third guy will have to wait, because he lives far away, in the north shore.

So, only yesterday I could get back to coding and fixed a couple of logic errors, after almost a week without programming. Now the character model is correctly loaded after changing scene, something I broke when implemented the new entity manager. Also, I implemented some basic configuration system that I plan to expand with a UI as soon as possible.

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