Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Today is The Bad Luck Day

It is official. Today is the The Bad Luck Day. Started the morning with a trip to the airport, which is no less than an adventure in a city with very few public transportation, specially for places out of the urban perimeter. Useless effort, my friend wasn't allowed to leave the plane, even when it was scheduled to wait 2 hours in the airport. Shit happens.
Then got more bad news. I was awaiting for a publisher proposal to publish in USA, which now seems to be vaporware. I contacted another publisher, in Spain, and they kindly accepted to review my books. Now Im in the same place, waiting for an answer.
Then I got even more bad news: seems that I have been visiting a couple of  web sites considered as forbidden. Using a VPN to access sites blocked to Cuba (because you can use it to hide where are you going) and reading alternative news are not allowed in my office. This could represent a severe punishment, like loosing my job, or maybe nothing.
Im wondering if, to complete the day, the long awaited earthquake will crush me tonight.

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